Factors That Affect Termite Treatment Cost

We never wish to find termites dwelling in our homes, but the fact is that these distractive insects are a somewhat common thing especially in homes that use timber said a termite control San Mateo based company. It is commonplace for people to quickly resort to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ termite treatment methods when dealing with the bugs. However, these measures rarely give long-term solutions. Also, there is a significant risk of endangering lives and property if the DIY steps are not done correctly.

Image result for how easily termites can damage your homeOverall, the desire for such options often stems from the efforts of reducing the cost of treating and exterminating the termites. Yes, the DIY products may come cheap, but that also means they are of low standards and can leave toxic residue in their wake. All in all, spending is a prerequisite of exterminating any termite infestation. As such, it would be wise to spend money the right way that guarantees lasting results; just hire professional termite control experts.

Since, getting rid of the bugs comes at a cost, what is the typical budget and what factors will influence how deep you have to dig into your pockets?

• Your Home’s Square Footage

If you have a big home, with much of the foundation’s construction done in wood, then the damaged area can be vast. As such, this will require more hours and extermination products, therefore, influence the overall costs.

• Extent Of Infestation

If the termite infestation is found early when much of the damage is nothing much than just ‘flesh wounds,’ then the treatment process will not be as costly compared to an infestation that has vastly affected the structural integrity of the home.

• Your House’s Foundation

Your type of foundation is one of the factors the determine how easily termites can damage your home. Also, it will influence the treatment approach the termite exterminators will use. In most cases, those with concrete slabs will require customized treatments that differ from those with monolithic slabs and this will again differ from those made of wood. Additionally, the structural design such as crawl spaces or basement will affect the costs.

You can try to get a lower price by sourcing quotes from different termite treatment companies, but make sure that you first search for around three to five reputable termite exterminators before you start worrying about the costs. And given the tenacity of termites, fumigation is often the best recourse when trying to deal with these insects. Treatment may cost anywhere between $1,200 and $2,500 with chances of it being higher depending on the extent of the infestation.

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