The Benefits of Using a Slide Rail Excavation System

One of the more dangerous places that exists on a construction site is inside of the trench. Anytime that excavation takes place, it may be necessary for workers to be below ground level, and that poses a number of safety hazards. Quite obviously, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your workers, and one way to do so is through a slide rail excavation system. This is something that may be considered for a number of different reasons.

The slide rail system is able to be put into place once the excavation has started. It can work in very tight areas where it may not be possible to put other trench shoring systems into position. Many companies have also found that it is beneficial to use when the soil is difficult and tends to backslide easily. Regardless of the reason why you want to use it, it is a convenient system that can be put into place as the excavation is occurring.

Image result for training for slide rail excavation systemAs the name would suggest, there are rails that are positioned in the corners where the excavation is taking place and at specific points in line from one corner to the next. The panels slide into place in grooves in those slide rails, and they are typically pushed into place with the bucket of a backhoe. Additional panels can be added as the excavation goes deeper, allowing for the digging to take place while at the same time, ensuring that anyone who is in the excavated area is safe.

There is some training that is necessary to ensure that such a system is put into place properly. In many cases, it may be possible to rent the equipment and the individuals with the know-how to ensure that everything takes place according to the needs of the job. You may find that renting the equipment is also a choice that is right for you, as it can help to cut down on the expense while at the same time, giving you access to a system that works quite well.

The slide rail excavation system is a choice that can make a difference in the safety of anyone working on the job site. It is an expandable system that can continue to work to depth of well over 20 feet. As the new panels are put into place, it allows for the excavation to continue in a safe manner.

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